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Egg Whites

Egg Whites are my new favourite food. A whole egg contains roughly 70 calories, most of which are in the yolk. Throw the yolk away (or give it to the dog) and just use the whites for some great filling food which keeps you feeling satisfied for longer. If you like the yolks too much, you can always keep one with 3 whites in an omlette.

Egg White Omlette:

Choose an appropriate sized pan or wok (non-stick helps), switch on the grill
Using a non-stick product like Fry Light, cook some chopped tomatoes and spinach.
Whisk the egg whites with some salt and pepper to taste and throw in the pan
When almost cooked underneath, transfer to the grill to cook the top.
Alone these are about 80 calories each so you can even add a slice of low cal bread or toast… but go easy on the butter!

Scrambled Eggs:

Whisk a little semi skimmed milk with the egg whites and add salt and pepper. Scramble with fry light.


Make a flat meringue with some sweetener for a low calorie crunchy cookie and bake for 90 mins.


Shirataki Noodles, Yam Noodles Konjac

Shirataki noodles have been getting a lot of press lately so I thought I would try them out. Shirataki noodles are low calorie (1 bowlful is reported to be as many as 10 calories. Egg noodles in the same quantity are nearer 3-400)… Sounds like a dieters dream. You can buy these online, but I strongly recommend you search for a local oriental store. You’ll save a fortune on shipping and more importantly, you’ll save the ‘novelty tax’ some retailers will add knowing the demand.

The first time I tried these I was pleasantly surprised. I boiled them in chicken stock and served with a little of the juice. They were actually delicious, no rubbery feeling reported and no taste beyond the stock. They were filling and made a very good substitute for standard noodles!

The second time I tried them in a stir fry, actually my wife’s stir fry. This time the Shirataki noodles felt rubbery although weren’t at all chewy, not the desired texture.

The third time I made a bolognese and boiled some to take the place of spaghetti, wow! it was amazing.

Filling, with virtually no calories, what’s the catch?

One catch which is commonly reported is diarrhoea, the shiritaki noodles do race through my body and the body of others at an unbelievable rate. Once that portion of noodles is out however, it’s over and done with so it’s a once per meal problem. Having lived the last 10+ years with an undiscovered fructose intollerance, I can cope with this every so often, others wouldn’t. My wife didn’t suffer at all from these symptoms so be warned but you may be ok.

The Shirataki noodles are normally sold in water, you’ll find them in a good oriental store (or ask for them to be ordered in). In the US and elsewhere, these noodles are often made from tofu which adds calories, but is apparently a nicer texture; I have never tried them.

One example of a meal I just ate:

Aubergine (eggplant)
Cherry Tomatoes
1/2 packet of Shirataki Noodles (boiled in chicken stock)

My bowl was full but only had 31 calories… that’s less than a single ryvita.