My Weight Loss

Hi, welcome to the site. My name is Simon and I’m currently on a weight loss diet/exercise plan to reduce my weight from 103kg down to a perfect 80. I’m a reasonably average person, I eat, drink, walk the dogs. I’m married and work from home as a web designer.

My diet is based on calories alone and I’ve been using free tools to make calorie counting easy, so far I’ve lost 9kg! As of last week, I left the ‘Obese’ BMI band. (Bonus points for working out my height šŸ˜‰ )

Anyway throughout the course of my diet, I’ve discovered all sorts of amazing things I’d like to share. All this information is readily available elsewhere but have helped me no end. Also lots of potential pitfalls, warnings and unfounded claims from dodgy products.

I hope this information helps you as much as it’s helped me.

I’m also willing to accept your own tips if they can be backed up. Get in touch if you have some great secret ideas to help others lose weight. Please note, this is for genuine advice and not just to sell products like Acai which do not work.

Please consult your GP or physician before starting any diet and exercise routine.


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