Calorie Bargaining – Dieting Tips

06 Nov

I just enjoyed a takeaway pizza, and yes I’m still on my diet! If you’re careful you can bargain with yourself in your weight loss plan. I didn’t eat much during the day as I was working on the car and oily hands do a lot to prevent snacking! My wife hadn’t had many either so we discussed a takeaway.

Takeaway foods are shockingly high in calories so it’s rare a diet allows it, of course it’s that extra fat, extra calories and extra portions which make it so yummy 😉

Our old ways:

£15 for two large pizzas (between two) plus free garlic bread. We eat the equivalent of one pizza plus bread between us and have the rest of the pizza reheated (oven, no microwave for us thank you) for lunch over one or two days.

Today’s way:

Today we ordered just one pizza… no free bread… no extra pizza, toppings or dips… I have to admit it was a little painful looking at the £15 deal and spending £12 for just the one, but I have to think about my health. We had half a pizza each, racked up somewhere around 6-800 calories and enjoyed every bite, this time with happy conscience.

I still have my 1000 calorie deficit, although did have to go hungry during the day to do it. But it was worth it and nice. My diet allows me to each pizza and still lose weight! It’s the moderation which makes the difference.

I will soon post a recipe for home made pizza which is also healthy. Most home mades are naturally lighter than takeaways, but pre-diet my recent passion was bread making. Bread is terribly high in calories by weight so I found a few ways to make the pizza even better with less of the high calorie stuff and more goodness!


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