Low Carbs, Low Fat, Low Calorie, Atkins style

05 Nov

Before my own diet, I was always hearing that carbs are the killers. Others say it’s fat. The Atkins diet (proven to be unhealthy longer term) bases itself on the ‘fact’ that carbs are bad. One man ate nothing but potatoes for 60 days and lost 10kg! He ate them mashed, sautéed, boiled, even one potato ice cream! See the story here.

The truth is that Carbs and Fat are both high in Calories. Meat is too by volume. By separating carbs and meats, you have a better chance at cutting meal calories. For example, one grilled, skinless chicken breast is just under 200 calories, a bowl of rice is a little higher at 250. Mix them together and your dinner is already 500 calories!

If you fancy rice, have rice and cut the meat. Eat it with a vegetable curry or vegetable chilli. (some fish is very low calorie)

If you fancy meat, cut the rice, pasta etc. Eat instead with roast vegetables and salads… and of course there are the Shirataki noodles

Carbs don’t do it, fat doesn’t do it, steaks don’t do it. It’s purely down to quantity and careful mixing. This has been my biggest learning curve…

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Posted by on November 5, 2011 in Foods and Meal Tips


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