Alcohol and Weight Loss

05 Nov

Ever heard of the term ‘Beer Belly’? Alcohol is a very high calorie substance, a pint of beer is roughly 300 calories… that’s a chicken mayo sandwich right there. 2 pints at 600cal is the same as a decent sized pizza!

To lose weight, you’re best off not drinking at all, but if you do, stick to the plain spirits with a sugar-free mixer. 35ml of vodka is roughly 60 calories, a diet coke/pepsi is 1/2. Five drinks still works out to be 300 calories but it’s a lot better than 620 from 5 small glasses of californian rose!

I heard a rumour once that vodka and water was zero… this is rubbish, the alcohol itself is full of calories so make sure you’re true to yourself and count those too.

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Posted by on November 5, 2011 in Foods and Meal Tips


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