Acai Berries and Weight Loss

05 Nov

This product is marketed the world over as a weight loss product. No matter what any advert says, it has been tested and THERE IS NO PROOF THAT THEY HELP YOUR WEIGHT IN THE SLIGHTEST.

They have been mentioned in some media channels but not as a weight loss product and certainly not reviewed as one. You will see these everywhere, possibly even on this blog in the form of a random advert. Don’t fall for it.

I was sent a sample from someone who had fallen for the scam, the instructions for taking basically said to take the berries, then go on a diet and exercise plan… this is how those few people have lost weight not by the berries themselves.

That said, there are some reported health benefits from the berries and they do taste nice so don’t rule them out from that, but if they’re sold as a weight loss product, I’m afraid they’re being miss sold.

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Posted by on November 5, 2011 in Foods and Meal Tips


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